In addition to creating a fun, engaging, and safe work environment for all our employees, we also strive to provide competitive benefits packages.

USANA Wellness Program

We have a comprehensive, personalized wellness program at USANA, and employees can receive rewards for participating. It’s completely voluntary, and we have something for everyone.

We believe in empowering the individual to take charge of not only their physical health, but also their financial and mental health.

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Feel Energized

Our onsite café offers a wide variety of nutritious foods to help you stay on track and gives you the energy to get through your work day. We also offer nutrition programs, online lifestyle coaching, massage and chiropractic services, a 24-hour gym facility on-site, workout classes, personal training, and, yes, even a book club, all related to health and wellness.


Plan Long-Term

Want to know more about planning for your future and preparing for retirement? We offer employees one-on-one 401(k) meetings, lunch-time brown-bag presentations, and on-site classes on budgeting and investing. Financial wellness is a key indicator of stability and necessary to maintain a healthy work/life balance for all of our team members at USANA.


Handle Stress

We know life can get stressful. That’s why we offer free, regularly-scheduled stress management courses and have a great Employee Assistance Program (EAP). We now offer virtual counseling as well. These assistance programs are free of charge to our employees and are completely confidential. Yet another way we provide for your wellness.

Tuition Reimbursement

After at least six months of full-time employment at USANA, USANA’s Tuition Reimbursement Plan provides you with an opportunity to further your education and acquire new skills and knowledge, enabling you to reach your fullest potential. In most cases, USANA will reimburse up to two classes per semester and 50 percent of book costs. There is currently a lifetime cap of $20,000. This amount is subject to change. Courses must be taken at recognized and accredited educational institutions in accordance with USANA’s guidelines.

Employee Assistance Program

Personal and family problems can impact your life both at home and at work. To assist you and your family, USANA offers an Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

From everyday issues like job pressures, relationships, retirement planning, and finding child care to the unexpected personal impact of grief, the USANA EAP offered through Blomquist Hale can be your resource for professional support. You and your family, including spouse and dependents, have access to EAP services as long as you are employed by USANA.

Kelsey Wallace USANA

“What differentiates USANA is our culture, enthusiasm, and mission to create the happiest and healthiest family on earth. We share a common goal to make the world a more positive place and we love doing it!”

– Kelsey Wallace, Tax


Employees receive an allotment of USANA Bucks every other paycheck to purchase USANA products with.

Paid Time Off

USANA gives all regular, full-time employees six paid holidays and four paid floating holidays per calendar year. Full-time regular employees begin to accrue vacation hours immediately upon employment.

Nick Peterson USANA

“Working for a company that gives me the freedom to incorporate healthy activities throughout my work day has been so rewarding. When you’re able to make both your health and your work a priority, the work/life balance improves drastically. ”

– Nick Peterson, Marketing

401(k) with Employer Match

All employees of USANA are automatically enrolled in USANA’s 401(k) savings plan after 30 days of employment. You must be 18 years of age. You may make changes to your contributions as often as you would like.

You decide how much to save, subject to the maximum amounts set by the federal government. Your traditional 401(k) savings are deducted from your paychecks and deposited in your 401(k) account. Your contributions can be pre-tax (traditional) or post-tax (Roth). You may contribute up to 75 percent of your wages per paycheck or to the maximum allowed amount on a pre-tax basis up to $17,000.

USANA will match 100 percent of the first 1 percent of your salary deferrals and 50 percent of the next 2 to 5 percent of your salary deferrals. There are 29 different investment options to choose from. You always have complete ownership of your savings and investing earnings. Your contributions are always 100 percent vested.

Insurance Plans

Health isn’t one size fits all, and neither are our insurance plans. At USANA, we offer three medical plans, two dental options, and a comprehensive vision plan. Along with these plans, we offer a flexible spending or health savings account. In addition, employees receive paid group-term life and disability plans.

USANA Career Opportunities

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